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  • 7 interesting facts about sushi

    7 interesting facts about sushi

    Those unfamiliar with sushi may wonder what sushi is and why the world goes crazy over tiny pieces of fish and rice. If you are new to sushi or know little about the Japanese delicacy, here are some interesting facts that you will be interested to know. 1. Sushi as cheap street food. There was […]

  • What is nori? Why are they useful?

    What is nori? Why are they useful?

    Nori is a type of edible seaweed made from different types of red seaweed. They grow on rocks in shallow water in cold water. Nori is widely used in Japanese cuisine. Like other types of seaweed, nori has a unique umami taste and is usually eaten dry. Nori used to be available only in paste […]

  • The history of sushi

    The history of sushi

    You might be surprised that for many of us, our favorite Japanese dish, sushi, is actually not of Japanese origin. The history of sushi is an interesting story of the evolution of a simple dish that took a long period of time, at least 1800 years, for us to enjoy it in its current form. […]

  • Five main types of sushi rolls

    Five main types of sushi rolls

    There are five main types of sushi that you will find on the menu. Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese dishes that you should definitely try. The best thing about sushi is that there are a wide variety of options available so you never get bored of the same taste over and over […]