How to cook Uramaki sushi at home?

Як приготувати суші Урамакі в домашніх умовах? festival sushi

Start by preparing the sushi rice. Rice should be seasoned and at room temperature. While the rice is cooling, prepare the filling that you like best.

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How to properly prepare rice for sushi?

Wrap the bamboo mat with cling film. Now place the nori sheet on the bamboo mat with the rough side up. Wet your hands, take a medium ball of seasoned rice and spread it evenly over the nori sheet. But leave about two to three centimeters of space at the top end, away from you. Sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds over the rice for a crunchy texture.

Uramaki can be made both large, from a whole sheet of nori, and small, from half a sheet of nori. To make small rolls, cut a sheet of nori in half. Place half of the sheet horizontally with the shiny, smooth side on the mat. But the rice should be distributed so that it protrudes one centimeter more than the nori sheet on the side away from you. Stuffing should be put less than usual. Such a roll will be compact and pieces can be eaten whole rather than biting.

Place one hand on top of the rice and use the other hand to lift the nori sheet and turn it over. Now spread the filling in a horizontal line on the bare nori sheet towards the edge that is closest to you. Place your thumbs under the bamboo mat and roll the sushi. When wrapping, press lightly to get a compact shape. Now take a sharp knife, wet the blade and cut the roll into equal pieces. Serve with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.

 If you want to make the uramaki roll more filling and visually pleasing, you can add some filling on top of the sushi rice. Stuffing ideas include avocado slices, raw salmon slices, tobiko, or masago.

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Interesting facts about Uramaki

  • Uramaki was invented to hide a sheet of nori inside sushi rice to appeal to Western customers unfamiliar with seaweed.
  • Uramaki can be stored for a long time because, since the nori is hidden inside, it will not split, unlike maki.
  • Chefs add different toppings on top of a sushi roll to make it more appealing.
  • The layer of sushi rice on the outside of the uramaki rolls is often coated with toasted sesame seeds or masago to retain their shape.

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