How to cook a Philadelphia roll at home?

Well, do you just adore Philadelphia roll? Cream cheese, salmon and fresh cucumber, ummm…a great combination, one of the best flavors ever! You’re probably wondering if you can make a Philadelphia roll at home? Do not even doubt. Read the article and see for yourself that it is easy and simple, so much so that you will not want to buy them.

Philadelphia roll is traditionally made from smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber. But it can also include other ingredients, such as other types of fish, avocados, green onions and sesame seeds.


The main ingredient of the Philadelphia sushi roll is Philadelphia cream cheese, it is from the brand of this cheese that the roll got its name.

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Ingredients for the Philadelphia roll:

  • Rice for sushi
  • Cucumber
  • Smoked salmon
  • Cream cheese
  • Nori (cut in half)
  • Sesame for sprinkling the roll

How to make a Philadelphia roll

  1. Prepare sushi rice, season with vinegar and let it cool to room temperature.
  2. Lay the bamboo mat on a flat surface and wrap it with plastic wrap to prevent the rice from sticking to the bamboo.
  3. Place half of the nori sheet horizontally on the mat, shiny side down.
  4. Dip your hands in vinegar water so that the rice does not stick to your hands when you make the roll.
  5. Take a ball of rice, about 120 grams, put it on a sheet of nori and spread it evenly (if you think it’s too much, remove some so that the roll is not too big to roll).
  6. Turn the sheet over so that the rice is facing the mat and add the filling to the nori sheet but do not overfill as this will make it difficult to roll.
  7. Begin rolling the sheet by placing your thumbs under the mat and bringing the edge up over the filling.
  8. Roll the mat away from you and hold the roll tightly as you roll to keep everything together, continue rolling until the ends meet. But not too much, otherwise the filling will leak from the sides.
  9. Remove the mat and sprinkle sesame seeds over the rice.
  10. Cut your roll into 8 pieces and serve with soy sauce or wasabi.


Be sure to cut the seeds out of the cucumber to get rid of excess moisture. Excess moisture will interfere with the preparation of the roll and the roll will fall apart. Cucumber has a very hard structure, so it should be cut into strips as thin as possible so that it does not crunch too much, but simply gives freshness to the rolls.

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