7 interesting facts about sushi

Сім фактів про суші

Those unfamiliar with sushi may wonder what sushi is and why the world goes crazy over tiny pieces of fish and rice.

If you are new to sushi or know little about the Japanese delicacy, here are some interesting facts that you will be interested to know.

1. Sushi as cheap street food.

There was a time when sushi was not considered a delicacy in fancy restaurants. The sale of this cheap food began in street stalls so that people who did not have time to sit down and eat could have a quick lunch.

2. Sushi originates in Asia.

Although sushi is considered a traditional Japanese dish, it has roots in Southeast Asia.

Naresus (sushi) originated in some regions along the Mekong River as a result of the fermentation of fish by wrapping it in sour rice. It then made its way to China before eventually becoming sushi in Japan.

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3. Green paste or wasabi.

A traditional sushi plate will have a green paste known as wasabi, or Japanese horseradish. This seasoning is obtained from the rhizome of the wasabi plant. But, unfortunately, more often we are served a fake. It is replaced with ordinary horseradish, corn starch, mustard flour and green dye.

By the way, wasabi is used in sushi to kill parasites and microbes in raw fish. Thus, it makes the dish safe to eat.

4. Initially, rice was not part of sushi

Although today it is impossible to imagine sushi without rice, originally rice was never eaten, but only used to ferment fish. This helped achieve the umami taste, and when the fermentation was complete, the rice was thrown away and only the fish was used.

5. Nori. The darker the better

The darker the color of the nori, the better. Before use, the product is usually fried or toasted. However, this is often done before packaging, turning it from deep red, purple or almost black to dark green.

6. Is sushi useful?


If you’re curious about sushi nutrition facts, you’ll be happy to know that they’re good for you. The most obvious nutrient is omega-3 fatty acids, a heart-healthy fat found in most types of fish and seafood.

7. There is a holiday in the land.

On June 18, 2009, the First International Sushi Day was celebrated. This holiday was created for one simple reason: to encourage people all over the world to eat more sushi!